Our Services

"Prevention is better than cure."


Services provided by the Urology Care Center include:

  • Kidney Stone Treatments:

    Dr. Mooreville is an expert in the treatment of kidney and ureteral stones. He uses endoscopic techniques and ESWL (shock wave treatment), which make surgery unnecessary. In fact, since 1986 the Delaware County Urology Care Center was among the earliest providers of ESWL in the Philadelphia area. Dr. Mooreville has developed and patented a device called the Stent Removing Snare, used by urologists throughout the U.S., for removing ureteral stents following stone removal without the need of a cystoscopy, thus improving the patient experience.

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH):

    Dr. Mooreville is a pioneer in minimally invasive treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with the offering of several modalities of treatments like Laser Ablation of the prostate for benign enlargement. These are heat-based procedures designed to reduce prostate size and improve voiding dynamics. Dr. Mooreville is a recognized expert and has offered instructional courses to other urologists. He is also an expert in the “Gold Standard” for treating BPH in more complex cases: TURP – transurethral resection of the prostate. This procedure requires excellent 3 dimensional space orientation, which Dr. Mooreville has mastered from doing this procedure for over 25 years. Newer modalities, like Rezume offer similar outcomes, except for using a different type of energy.

  • Prostate Cancer:

    The Delaware County Urology Care Center offers a comprehensive approach to treating genitourinary malignancies. Prostate cancer risk and genetic factors are taken into consideration. We are finally getting to precision medicine for treating prostate cancer by identifying what drugs work best in which type of cancer. Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and CyberKnife treatment is offered for patients with prostate cancer through our association with the Trinity Mercy Medical Center and Delaware County Hospitals. This modality of treatment is designed to focus small beams of radiation to the prostate to avoid healthy tissue and treat only the disease. Robotic surgery is being offered through our relationship with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Early bladder cancer can be treated in the office under local. More advanced disease can be treated as same day procedures in the hospital.

  • Erectile Dysfunction:

    Dr. Mooreville is also a nationally recognized expert in the area of erectile dysfunction using medications, intracorporeal injection therapy and prosthesis. He developed instruments currently used by urologists all over the country and internationally in the implantation of penile prosthesis. For more information visit: www.uramix.com.

  • Fertility Issues:

    In-office vasectomy and vasectomy reversals.

  • Incontinence:

    The Incontinence Center provides expertise in male and female voiding dysfunction treated with medication or surgical intervention.

  • Inflammatory Conditions of the Urinary Tract:

    Sexually transmitted infections, Urinary tract infections (UTIs), interstitial cystitis. Dr. Mooreville has done research and published articles about bladder defense mechanisms, while at Jefferson.

  • Urethral Strictures:

    Dr. Mooreville has another patented invention to his credit, the Mooreville Urethrotome, which allows for easy treatment in the office setting.

  • Integrative approach to urologic conditions:

    Working with patients, taking into consideration lifestyles, diet, stress control.

  • Telemedicine and video-consultations: 

    Schedule a one-on-one telemedicine consult with Dr. Mooreville. We approach treatment from the patient’s perspective, listening to patient complaints and truly hearing what they have to say. Dr. Mooreville’s experience makes him acutely aware of the many issues facing patients with urological problems.

    Dr. Mooreville carefully considers each patient’s case and works in coordination with them and his other physicians to tailor a treatment strategy that fits the patient’s particular needs.