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“It is better to be seventy years young than forty years old!”

Oliver Wendell Holmes


For patients who are unable to come to the office, we offer the option of a Phone Consultation with Dr. Mooreville. These consultations would be particularly useful for patients requiring 2nd opinions, or in cases of patients needing to decide on treatment plans, and the variety of options make it difficult to choose. Dr. Mooreville’s long experience of understanding the outcomes of different treatment plans can help decide which is the best option for an individual patient. Dr. Mooreville also has an interest in prevention and using diet as way to better health.

The patient will be required to fill out a patient history form including insurance information and e-mail it or fax it back to our office prior to the consultation. Dr. Mooreville will review the patient’s complete history form, interview the patient as well as obtain any additional information which would be pertinent.

A written report including an assessment of the patient’s condition as well as recommendations will be mailed to the patient within 2 weeks.

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